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While QR codes are all around us and many of us have figured out how to scan them there is a lot of information that we still may not know. The internet is full of resources on this subject. What is a QR code? How do I read a QR code? What are QR codes used for? Can I make my own QR codes? Is it possible to track codes? The list of resources that follows should help you to get to the information that you need the most.

What is a QR code?

QR codes ate two dimensional barcodes that can store more information than traditional barcodes.

QR codes can contain alphanumeric text and will redirect a user to a URL or mobile friendly website

QR codes were first used in Japan where they were developed for Toyota as a way of tracking automobile parts and manufacturing.

A user can scan a QR code and be linked to a webpage or some other code specific content.

How do I read a QR code?

QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone or any internet capable device that also has a camera.

You will have to download a QR scanner or reader app to you phone before you can actually use the codes.

QR code scanners are available in the App Marketplace on your phone or by searching the internet.

Downloading a scanning app is usually free of charge.

Once the app is on your phone you will only need to activate the app and point the camera at the code being scanned. The appropriate images will immediately transfer to your phone.

What are QR codes used for?

QR codes are used to transfer data.

A QR code can contain links to assorted media. For instance a URL, video, audio, animation and plain text are only some of the options.

QR codes are used to promote businesses and services.

A promotional QR code may be used to increase customer bases and loyalty

Individuals can use QR codes by using them on resumes and business cards that direct the mobile device to a Facebook page or YouTube video.

Can I make my own QR codes?

Anyone with internet access can make their own QR code.

QR code software is available online and all you need to do is fill in the blanks to have a QR code generated for you.

QR codes are customizable as long as you remember to keep a solid contrast in the colors that you choose.

Select a QR code generator based on what you hope to accomplish with the code. Different creators offer different content and support.

Is it possible to track QR codes?

It is possible to track QR codes.

Tracking of QR codes is desirable as it lets a business see how effective its marketing campaign is.

Tracking includes what code is scanned, where the scan took place and what time of day it occurred.  All of these statistics can be helpful in determining if the proper demographic is being exposed to your QR code.

QR codes are gaining in popularity because they do a job. They are simple and many times they are free. Add to that the fun factor that can be engaging for your customers and keep them coming back and you are looking at the potential for gain. Remember that an individual can have a QR code of their own also and get in the buzz.

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